The school adopts a whole-school approach to foster a reading culture among pupils at different key stages. Adequate reading skills are demonstrated to develop pupils’ lifelong learning capacity. Through the library lessons, the school provides a platform for students to exchange ideas on reading, and to engage pupils in different activities beyond the classroom.

  • To nurture a love and habit of reading among pupils.
  • To improve reading proficiency of pupils.
  • To promote effective and independent use of the library resources.
  • To develop pupils’ information literacy knowledge and skills; and cultivate pupils’ lifelong reading and learning habit in the digital era.

The competition is organized by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) and Teacup Productions. It aims to cultivate primary school students’ interest in learning Chinese (including Putonghua) and English languages, and enhance their confidence and skills in reading, comprehension and oratory.

Throughout the competition, students gained opportunities to hone their language skills, demonstrate their language proficiency and strengthen their public-speaking and storytelling confidence.

Our students achieved excellent results in 2021-2022 competition

To celebrate the World Book Day, our students joined the Drawing Competition held by the Hong Kong Cultural and Creative Industrial.

Read-cycling is a non-profit organization which collects used books from the community through book donations, and gives the books to students through the “Book Trip Programme”.

Our library prefects paid a visit to the Read-cycling company. Each library prefect had a $100 book coupon to purchase books of their choice.

Through integrated and interdisciplinary reading activities, our pupils are encouraged to further develop their reading habits, acquiring information literacy skills and becoming a lifelong self-directed learner.

Cross Curriculum Morning Reading

The ‘Reading Maths Activity’ is a cross-curricular activity between Library and Mathematics. Maths teachers were invited to share the Maths concept with pupils.

Making a cone-shaped Christmas hat and a symmetrical figure, the Gingerbread man.

Best Buddies Reading Programme

Spreading the joy of reading with buddies from Delia Memorial School was an amazing experience to our students.

AR-books Reading

It’s exciting to experience virtual images through AR books.

Reading Moms

Parents came to school to read stories to younger pupils.

In order to develop pupils’ enthusiasm for reading, activities beyond the classroom are arranged throughout the school year.

Meeting with author

Petr Horáček, a world-renowned writer, shared his work with our pupils.

Joyful Reading Carnival

Students participating in activities such as reading game stalls and drama production were organized by the Education Bureau.

Library Visits

A visit to public libraries, aims at extending pupils’ knowledge of books beyond the school library.

Book Exhibition

Purchasing a wide variety of books with affordable prices to broaden pupils’ horizon.

Parent-child Reading Workshop

Parents were equipped with the storytelling skills and practiced with their kids.