National education strengthens Chinese students’ awareness of their national identity. For non-Chinese students, national education helps them understand the Chinese culture and appreciate the uniqueness of a nation. We hope that students will know more about our Chinese society, develop good attitudes and embrace positive values in life.

Objectives of National Education

1. To inculcate national consciousness and national unity

2. To enable students to know about Hong Kong and China

3. To help students develop a sense of belonging towards our country

Learn about the symbols of a nation

Students watched the audio-picture book “Let’s’ learn about National Security”. They learn about the national and regional flags, the emblems as well as the anthem.

We joined the National Day Online Quiz Competition

Over 570 students joined this Competition and we got the Most Active Participation Award

Flag Raising Ceremony is held weekly and on special occasions. This strengthens national identity among the students, and helps them develop the appropriate attitude to show respect for a country.

Our Flag Raising Team

Constitution and Basic Law Student Ambassadors

We joined the Constitution and Basic Law Student Ambassadors Scheme launched by the EDB. The objective of this is to provide students with learning and training activities to enhance their understanding of the Constitution and the Basic Law of Hong Kong. The Ambassadors also help the School to promote National Education.

Constitution and Basic Law Student Ambassadors visited
the Patriotic Education Centre and the Ocean Park

Good works in one of the Colouring Competitions on National Security

九龍社團聯會及國家安全及國民教育推廣委員會主辦:第一屆《國安 . 家好》《基本法》及《港區國安法》校園推廣計劃– 填色比賽

Learn about the Dun Huang culture

「香港賽馬會呈獻系列︰ 敦煌 — 千載情緣的故事」外展教育活動

Students listened to stories of the Mogao Caves and watched some of the cave paintings.


Students participated in the “National Security Fun Fair” activity.

A group of P.4 to P.6 students joined the Fun Fair at Sham Shui Po Government Primary School. They learned about national security through games. It was a wonderful experience!


Roving Exhibition

P.1 to P.3 students participated in this roving exhibition. The display materials were provided by the EDB. Students learned about the development of space exploring in China, the Silk Road, Chinese festivals, traditional beliefs and culture.


Lei Cheng Uk Tomb Museum

P.2 students had a visit to the Lei Cheng Uk Tomb Museum in July. They learnt about the story of the Tomb, and why it was called the “Han” Tomb.



National Day Cross-curricular Project