The Music curriculum in school aims to develop students’ creativity and imagination, music skills and processes, critical responses in music and understanding music in context, through integrated activities of creating, performing (singing and instrumental playing) and listening.


1. To develop students’ abilities in creating, performing and appraising music.
2. To enrich students’ music learning experiences through project learning.
3. To develop students’ generic skills, values and attitudes through learning in music.

Learning Beyond Classroom

In addition to music lessons, different types of activities such as music interest groups, music performance and music concerts are arranged to cultivate students’ musical sense and develop their musical potential. Besides, students are encouraged to participate in different kinds of performances and competitions.



1. Junior Choir performance in Green Christmas celebration

2. Christmas Performance was honourably invited by Lai Sun Development Company Limited at Cheung Sha Wan Plaza

3. 74th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival

4. Music for the Millions Concert

String quartet performance by the Music Office in the school hall