Li Cheng Uk Government Primary School is a government co-educational primary school. On 28th April 1958, it first opened its doors to pupils. The school started as a half day school with both a.m. and p.m. sessions.


Before 1984, our medium of instruction was Chinese. There were about 460 local pupils at that time. In 1984, an Anglo-Chinese section was established with an aim of making primary education freely accessible to the ethnic minorities in Kowloon and the New Territories. Since then, the increasing demand for primary education from the ethnic groups in these districts had brought us a growing number of pupils.


In July 1996, the Chinese section phased out. The school switched to an entirely English curriculum expect for the subjects of difference languages. In 2005, the school transformed from a half day school to a whole-day school.


Currently we have an enrolment of approximately 700 pupils from more than 30 nationalities. They come from a variety of cultural and racial backgrounds. We are dedicated to create a supportive, welcoming and respectful campus culture that sustains a sense of belonging and connection for all.