The promotion of STEAM education aligns with the worldwide trend of equipping students for the rapid economic, scientific and technological developments, as well as the changes and challenges in society and around the world.


STEAM aims at developing students to become lifelong learners of science, technology and mathematics, it also enables them to meet challenges in the 21st century.

Learning beyond classroom

To build a culture of innovation among students, STEAM education is conducted through different aspects in our school such as educational visits, extra-curricular activities, after-school STEAM training groups, STEAM competitions, STEAM project and STEAM week.

1.  Educational Visit

Educational visits such as visits to InnoTech Expo and The Education University of Hong Kong  have been arranged for our students so that they can associate what they have learnt with the world around them.

 2. STEAM Education on ECA

Several our ECA groups are related with STEAM Education. For KS1 students, they can join the rotating STEAM group like ‘First Step in STEAM’ and ‘Coding for kids’. For KS2 students, they can join the steady groups like ‘STEAM Learning Group’ and ‘LEGO Robotics Group’. Students enjoy learning STEAM through using iPad, LEGO WeDo 2.0, LEGO SPIKE and coding.

3. Besides ECA, some students join the after – school STEAM training group.

Interesting learning activities such as making LEGO cars and writing micro:bit coding are designed to inspire students’ innovative ideas.

4. Inter-school Competitions

Our school provides a lot of opportunities to students to join STEAM competitions.  In 2022-2023, our students joined the LEGO TECHNIC™ Hong Kong Primary School Challenge, YKN STEM Competition, Asia International STEM Competition 2023, Robofest, eClass Micro:bit competition, Robotics Intelligence DIY 2023 and International Youth Olympics Competition. Furthermore, we encouraged our students to learn about other technological products by participating in the Inter-school Glider Competition and Robo-soccer Competition held by the University of Science and Technology. Through their active participation in these competitions, our students elevated their knowledge of STEAM learning and achieved outstanding outcomes.

Our students also designed interesting educational online games using Scratch.  You can try them out by clicking the pictures!

5. STEAM Project

To further cultivate students’ interest in STEAM learning, an all-grade STEAM Project with the theme ‘Green Lifestyle’ was initiated, where students were encouraged to use recycled or existing materials to engage in STEAM learning. P.1 students worked on a waterproof sign to remind schoolmates to love the school property, P.2 students engaged in making a magnetic driver car as a handmade toy, P.3 students worked on building a smart fan that utilized various ways to save energy, P.4 students built a ‘clean’ propeller to experience how air motion and electricity could make things move, P.5 students worked on a DIY table lamp to experience the formation of a closed circuit, and P.6 students built a foil ball launcher to experience the application of lever that converted potential energy to kinetic energy.

6. STEAM Week

Our school hosted the STEAM week with a series of workshops designed for different grade levels. During these workshops, students worked together in groups to gain experience with the engineering design process. The students in P.1-2 participated in Sail Car Engineering, which allowed them to explore how wind direction and strength can affect the movement of a sail car. For P.3-4, the focus was on learning about the various features of trailers that impact cargo handling.  P.5-6 workshops covered the principles of friction and levers, as well as how sensors could detect changes in the environment. The students thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on building and exciting group competitions.