The promotion of STEM education aligns with the worldwide trend of equipping students for the rapid economic, scientific and technological developments, as well as the changes and challenges in society and around the world.

STEM aims at developing students to become lifelong learners of science, technology and mathematics, it also enable them to meet challenges in the 21st century.

To build a culture of innovation among students, STEM education is conducted through different aspects in our school such as educational visit, extra-curricular activities, after-school STEM training group, STEM competitions and in-house sharing.

1.  Educational Visit

Educational visits with different STEM topics have been arranged for each level so that students can associate what they have learnt with the world around them.

 2. STEM Education on ECA

Several our ECA groups are related with STEM Education. For KS1 students, they can join the rotating STEM group like ‘First Step in STEM’ and ‘Innovative Arts’. For KS2 students, they can join the steady groups like ‘STEAM Learning Group’ and ‘Lego Robotics Group’. Students enjoy learning STEM through using I-pad, Wedo 2.0 and coding.

3. Beside ECA, some students join the after – school STEM training group.                Interesting learning activities such as making lego car and writing microbit          coding are designed to inspire students’ innovative ideas.

4. Inter-school Competition

Our school provides a lot of opportunities to students to join STEM competitions.  Students joined the 2021 LEGO® Technic™ The Best Competition, the Robofest HK Regional Selection Category APP, Robofest Online World Championship, Codesmine STEM Design competition and Robotics Intelligence DIY 2022 competition.  The performance of our students was excellent.  They received awards and they gained valuable experience through participating in these open events.

Our students have also designed interesting educational online games using Scratch.  You can try them out by clicking the pictures!

5. In-house sharing

After the competitions, the participants shared their experience in joining the STEM related competitions with their schoolmates.

6. STEM Day

STEM Day is a whole-school activity. Those STEM education activities are in line with the curriculum, which help students develop problem-solving abilities and creativity by integrating and applying STEM-related knowledge and skills.