The English Language curriculum in school aims to help students become independent lifelong learners and problem solvers who can meet the changing socio-economic demands and communicate effectively in English. To achieve this, there are different activities for students to use English in various authentic situations and contexts. Students are encouraged to read widely and respond creatively to problems and new technology.



To provide students with opportunities to use English to extend their knowledge and experience.


To develop their knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in life in order to become lifelong learners.


To encourage students to take ownership of their learning by developing their proper attitude toward learning, making use of appropriate problem-solving strategies and thinking skills through self-directed learning activities.




To enrich students’ English learning experience by arranging different activities.


To create a language-rich environment by implementing two programmes :

Key Stage 1 students: Space Town Programme

Key Stage 2 students: Reading across the Curriculum (RaC)

Space Town Literacy Programme

To provide more joyful learning experiences and enhancing students’literacy skills, our school has launched Space Town Programme for Primary 1-3 students.  Working together with our NET, the well-structured lessons not only enable our students to gain the 21st century literacy skills, but also have the confidence to speak and use English.  The teaching of reading has been enhanced through the earlier introduction of guided reading and phonics strategies such as blending and encoding are incorporated to facilitate the learning. 

Reading Across The Curriculum (RaC)

To expand students’knowledge and broaden their horizons while having an enjoyable reading experience, we implement the “Reading across the Curriculum”(RaC).  We provide a wide range of materials with different subject contents and text types in lessons to facilitate the development of skills for “reading to learn” and appropriate tasks are designed for students to appreciate the value of reading.

Learning Beyond The Classroom

To promote students’proficiency and confidence in English, the school always encourages students to join different competitions and activities like the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and English drama. Through these fun-filled and creative language activities, our students’communication skills and confidence in conversational English could be fostered.