The Visual Arts curriculum in school aims at developing pupils’ abilities of art making, and art appreciation and criticism, perceptual abilities, generic skills and metacognition. Studying Visual Arts enables pupils to enrich their aesthetics and arts experiences, as well as strengthen their abilities to appreciate and create various forms of visual arts work aesthetically and critically. Through exploration of the art of diverse cultures, cultural and cross-cultural understanding is enhanced.


1. To provide pupils with basic concepts of visual arts
2. To encourage pupils to take part in creative work
3. To develop pupils’ aesthetic potential in art creation
4. To explore pupils’ power of observation through the appreciation and experiencing of the environment
5. To lead pupils into artistic enjoyment

2023 Cherishing Our Nature Colouring Competition
「勵進自然樂滿 FUN填色及拼圖比賽2023」

2nd Runner-up: 5A  Aleena

Merit Awards: 5A Ng Shing Yau and 5A Sudin

Happy Mother’s Day Colouring Competition
童您一起「感謝媽」 母親節填色創作比賽

Merit Award: 5A Aleena

Bringing Your Love to Home” Colouring Competition 2023
「 愛,就要帶回家!」填色比賽2023

First Prize in Primary Senior Level: 5D Damara


Lunar New Year Colouring Competition

2nd Runner-up: 5A Berlin

Silver Awards: 5A Aleena, 5A Aishah, 5A Sudin and 5A Zeynep

Bronze Awards: 5A Holden, 5A Anam, 5A Aayan and 5A Ng Shing Yau

Parent-Child Up-cycle Christmas Ornaments Design Competition 2023-24







Outstanding Work of Chinese Traditional Festival Art Decoration Design (P.1-P.6)

P.1-P.2 Games Day and P.3-P.6 Sports Day Flyer/Booklet Cover Design

Winner: 2D Anusha

Winner: 5A Aleena