The Visual Arts curriculum in school aims at developing pupils’ abilities of art making, and art appreciation and criticism, perceptual abilities, generic skills and metacognition. Studying Visual Arts enables pupils to enrich their aesthetics and arts experiences, as well as strengthen their abilities to appreciate and create various forms of visual arts work aesthetically and critically. Through exploration of the art of diverse cultures, cultural and cross-cultural understanding is enhanced.


1. To provide pupils with basic concepts of visual arts
2. To encourage pupils to take part in creative work
3. To develop pupils’ aesthetic potential in art creation
4. To explore pupils’ power of observation through the appreciation and experiencing of the environment
5. To lead pupils into artistic enjoyment

Parent-Child Up-cycle Christmas Decoration Competition 2022-2023







2022-2023 ‘Love Your Home Country’ Chinese Costume Design Competition

To enhance students’ understanding of Chinese culture and develop student’s creativity and artistic potential, our students, Aleena, Ng Shing Yau, Salif from Class 4A and Damara from Class 4B participated in the Chinese Costume Design Competition「中華民族的衣櫥—新春華服設計比賽」. We introduced an ethnic group called Tujia(土家族)by designing the corresponding costumes in which Chinese New Year elements were incorporated, showing a joyous Chinese atmosphere. Through this competition, students learnt more about Chinese culture and different ethnic groups, strengthening their sense of belonging. Our students won the Commendation Awards in the film category and the design category.
Their artistic talents were showcased in the video.

2023 Slogan-cum-Poster Design Competition on National Security

Winner of Outstanding Work in Excellent English: 4A Aleena

Chinese New Year Celebration Coloring Design Competition and the 9th Savor Life-Empathy and Respect Comic Coloring Competition

Merit Awards : 4B Damara

Happy Hong Kong Coloring Competition

Merit Awards :

2022-2023 Sports Day Booklet Cover Design Competition

Winner: 4B Damara

Multicultural City of Hong Kong Calendar Design Competition (P.4-P.6)

Outstanding works :

Multicultural City of Hong Kong Postcard Design Competition (P.1-P.3)

Outstanding works :

M+ Museum Visit

To cultivate students’ artistic sense, our art talent students visited M+ Museum on 16th June 2023. They learned how a contemporary museum presents various visual elements to reflect different perspectives to describe our lives.