The General Studies curriculum in school aims to help students integrate knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in the areas of Personal, Social and Humanities Education, Science Education and Technology Education. Through different learning experiences and project-based learning, it enables students to cultivate their creativity. The design of the curriculum focuses on enhancing students’ curiosity and developing students’ into self-directed learners.



1. To help students gain a better understanding of themselves, the society, the country and the world
2. To integrate students’ learning experiences
3. To promote life-wide learning by learning beyond the classroom

4. To develop students’ self-directed learning

5. To enhance students’ interest and curiosity in science and technology and understand their impact on the society

GS Activities

Life Education Activity Programme (LEAP)

To help students to establish a healthy lifestyle and stay away from bad habits such as smoking and taking drugs, we work with LEAP to provide a variety of workshops. The workshops cater to different levels’ specified needs through hands-on activities, role play, mascot puppet shows, interactive Augmented Reality (AR) games etc.

Level Name of Programme Programme Details
P1 Healthy Heroes Explore elements of healthy living, pollution, body parts, and qualities of a good friend.
P2 Nutrition Ignition Explore elements of healthy living, pollution, body parts, and qualities of a good friend.
P3 Body Systems Go Discover the function of the circulatory system.
P4 Head Start Discover the function of the nervous system.
P5 Tobacco Truths Investigate the issue of smoking, including a detailed look at the respiratory system, cigarette ingredients as well as social consequences of smoking.
P6 Voice My Choice Learn to deal with stress in school and at home.

Mascot show Role-play activities Hands-on Activities Augmented Reality (AR) teaching technologies
The programme’s mascot conveyed health messages through singing and talking to the students. The role-play activities made students enjoy learning in a relaxing atmosphere. Health messages are clearly conveyed through various hands-on activities with the colourful teaching aids designed. With the help of Augmented Reality (AR) teaching technologies, students have an extraordinary learning experience combining technology, knowledge and fun.

Self-directed Learning

Developing students’ independent learning ability is not the only success rationale found in the GS Curriculum but is also a key to success in school. Therefore, ‘pre-lesson enquiry’, ‘e-learning’ and ‘note-taking’ are implemented as some key strategies for promoting self-learning in our school. Pre-lesson tasks are assigned to Google Classroom regularly to help our students study prior the lesson. Besides, they are also encouraged to take notes and organise information in a visual way using different graphic organisers. We hope that our students can apply these skills of self-directed learning to their studies so that they can become lifelong learners.

Scientific Skills

Students at young age are very interested in knowing the scientific knowledge of various phenomenons such as surface tension, absorption of water, lever system, flying planes, action and reaction, air properties and so on. Our school conducted scientific projects, STEAM project, extended scientific tasks and scientific competition this year to develop students’ scientific skills.




Students learnt the scientific knowledge on how egg shells soften by vinegar!



Students learnt the scientific knowledge on how egg shells soften by vinegar!

Students learnt the scientific knowledge on  how lever works.


Promoting Values Education

‘Putting emphasis on students’ affective development’ is another rationale found in the GS Curriculum Guide. Therefore, values and attitudes worksheets are designed to help students evaluate not only their own learning performances but also values and attitudes embedded in each chapter. Besides, some priority values such as national identity, law-abidingness and love for Hong Kong are cultivated among students through some relevant learning activities. It is hoped that students will understand and respect national symbols as well as the Basic Law. Due to pandemic, virtual visits to Legislative Council Complex and Tai Kwun were arranged to strengthen students’ understanding of the rule of law and the history of Hong Kong. By promoting Values Education, we hope that our students could make reasonable judgement and take proper actions to deal with the challenges in their future life.
Students learnt about  Tai Kwun and Legislative Council Complex online.