The Prize-giving Ceremonies of 2020-2021 occurred on the 12th July, 2021. The ceremonies were relayed to the classes through Zoom with only the award winners in the hall to maintain physical social distancing.

The LCU school song brought everyone together and the Headmistress marked the opening of the ceremony with a heartwarming speech, addressing students’ achievement. Then it was on to the awards and the presentation of Best Academic Performance at P1 to P5 levels. Subject awards were presented to credit outstanding performances in English, Chinese, Mathematics and General Studies. All awardees worked competently, the delight on their faces was an encouragement to everyone in LCU.

We help our students to cultivate good attitudes and values. The Conduct Award and the Service Award are significant prizes to illustrate good manner and behavior. Two students in each class were awarded, we appreciated their caring and thoughtful nature. The Most-improved Pupil Award was given to students who showed the best effort in their studies.

Even though COVID-19 has created a new normal of face-to-face suspension, it did not discourage our students in participating external competitions. Some good speakers won merits and credits in the Solo Verse Speaking at the 73rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. The 2021 Robofest showed that there are some creative designers for the future and the linkage of subjects through STEM can produce interesting products.

To complete the ceremonies the solo verse speakers performed their poems and the Robofest winner explained his mechanism to the students and guests.