In January, our school organized an engaging STEAM Week with workshops tailored to different grade levels. Students collaborated in groups, gaining hands-on experience with the engineering design process. P.1 students explored Sail Car Engineering, investigating the influence of wind direction and strength of the  movement on sail cars. P.2 and P.3 students designed freight transport systems, discovering how different trailer features impact cargo handling. P.4 and P.5 students created robotic hoppers, applying principles of friction, levers, and environmental sensors. P.6 students built a sorting machine using Micro:bit, LEGO, and object recognition for recycling, deepening their understanding of artificial intelligence.

The students enthusiastically embraced the hands-on building activities and exciting group competitions during the event. We were thrilled to welcome students from Keyuan Primary School of Shenzhen to join the P.5 workshop, fostering cultural and knowledge exchange among participants.

P.1 Sail Car Engineering

P.2 and P.3 Freight transport systems

P.4 and P.5 Robotic hoppers

P.6 Sorting machine