General Regulations :
  1. Students must be punctual to school and go home at once when the school is over.  
  2. Students can only enter the school after 8:15 a.m. from Monday to Friday
  3. Students arriving by school bus before 8:15 a.m. must wait at specific location and be attended by school bus personnel.
  4. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises at any time within school hours.
  5. Students are strictly forbidden to chase around in the school before lessons or during recess.
  6. Students should get into lines immediately when the bell rings.
  7. Students should not use the utilities of other schoolmates without consent.
  8.Students should give the found properties to teachers within the school campus.
  9. Students should not stay in the classrooms or corridors during recess except for rainy day arrangement.
  10. Ball games, dangerous games or catching games are not allowed before lessons and during recess.
  11. No chewing gum is allowed in school.
  12. No food or drink is allowed when students are lining up.
  13. No eating or drinking is allowed in the hall. Eat and drink in designated areas.
  14. Silence should be strictly observed on the staircase. Students should go up and down keeping to the left.
  15. Any loud or boisterous behavior is strictly forbidden during assembly, in the corridors or before and during change of lessons.
  16. Do not damage any school property.
  17. Students should not bring any valuable/unauthorized items (including the mobile phone ) to school.
  18. School buildings, rooms and grounds must be kept clean and tidy.
  19. No cheating or borrowing from classmates during tests or examinations.


Personal Attributes:
  1. Be honest, polite and helpful to others.  
  2. Be good and obedient to all staff and prefects.
  3. Respect teachers and co-operate with schoolmates.
  4. Accept comments and make corrections to any mistakes they have made.
  5. Be attentive in class and put up hands when asking or answering questions.
  6. Finish the homework and revise the lessons every day.
  7. Valuables must not be left unattended to avoid loss. Take care of own belingings especially wallets and octopus cards.
  8. Maintain personal hygiene: wash and tidy the hair frequently; take a bath everyday; no oil or gel should be put on hair; clean the uniform frequently; have the finger nail cut short frequently and wash hands before and after eating.
  9. Throw rubbish into rubbish bin.
  10. Do not buy snacks from unlicensed hawkers outside the school.
  11. Do not spit.
  12. Do not dye hair.
  13. Do not wear jewelry unless parents have the school head’s approval.
  14. Do not smoke or say foul language.
  15. Do not bring anything which is not related to their studies to school.
  16. Do not bring harmful materials ( e.g. lighter, knife or cutter ) to school.



Uniforms :
  1. Wear proper school uniform with black leather shoes and white socks.  
  2. Wear P.E. uniform with all white sport shoes and white socks on days with P.E. lessons, in case of special training or competition.
  3. Shirts / T-shirts must be tucked into the trousers and pants should be pulled up to the waist level.
  4. If temperature drops to 10C or below, students are allowed to wear jackets and sweaters with dark blue colour.
  5. All uniforms, sweaters, jackets, water bottles and lunch boxes should be properly labelled with student’s name and current class.
  6. Accessories for the hair should be dark blue or black.
  7. Girls with pierced ears can only wear `one’ pair of `small’ earrings.
  8. Girls with shoulder length hair (or longer) should tie their hair with black or dark blue hair band.
  9. Any discretion regarding school uniform should consult the school. The school reserves the right for final decisions.


Behaviour on School Bus or in Public transport:
  1. Be punctual to the waiting area.  
  2. Queue at the waiting area. No running or playing.
  3. Keep in line getting on and off the bus.
  4. No eating or drinking on the bus/in public transport.
  5. No playing or fighting.
  No standing on the bus. Sit in the assigned seats.
  7. Speak softly and do not use rough languages.
  8. No littering on the bus/ in the public transport.
  9. Do not put hands or any part of the body out of the windows.
  10. Do not touch the handle of the emergency door.
  11. Listen to the instructions of the bus personnel.
  12. Do not damage the public property.