Although it was a chilling Saturday morning on 6 December 2019, still more than 100 families turned up for the annual big event – PTA picnic. Parents and children packed their hampers filled with delicious cultural food and brought their picnic rugs. They met up with other families in the school early in the morning. Together with our staff members, around 300 participants set off for the campsite – Tso Kung Tam Outdoor Recreation Center.


The campsite is located at the foot of Tai Mo Shan and just a few minutes’ ride from the town center of Tsuen Wan. With its gorgeous scenery and tranquil environment, it enables parents, children and teachers to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Partakers enjoyed outdoor activities in the gentle sunshine. Some families embraced the scenic nature and fresh air by having a relaxing hike up the knoll. Some weaved their way through all the outdoor activity stations – archery, roller-skating rink, tennis court, basketball area and children’s play area.


Some participants partook in indoor activities. They enjoyed themselves in the fitness center, children’s play room, dance room, karaoke room, arts and crafts room, recreation room and function room.


The highlight of the activities was the rainbow parachute games. Participants played popcorn, ball roll and merry-go-round. The whole park hopped with laughter and fun shrieks as parents and children played together.


The picnic did not only allow parents, children and teachers to enjoy various interesting activities, it also provided a valuable opportunity for everybody to mingle and exchange experiences. All participants were amped up and excited. It has been a fruitful trip and delightful day.