Moral, Civic and National Education (MCNE) is a crucial part of whole-person education. It helps students to establish their identity in various domains – family, society, nation and the world. It enables students to learn about the country and establish their national identity to further enhance their national qualities.


MCNE is implemented to nurture in students the nine priority values and attitudes – perseverance, respect for others, responsibility, national identity, commitment, integrity, care for others, law-abidingness and empathy – through the integration of cognition, affection, and action. To enable students to acquire desirable moral, civic and national qualities with knowledge and skills, diversified learning experiences are provided.

National Day Cross-curricular Project


MCNE is mainly carried out through Strive for Improvement Program in which matters related to the nine priority values and attitudes are discussed thoroughly. Furthermore, it is also supplemented by Mentorship Program, Thematic Talks, national flag-raising ceremonies, Cultural Day, and extra-curricular activities – Lion Dance Group, Chinese Dance Group, Chinese Ink Painting Group, Chinese Martial Arts Group and Play-based Activities.

Learning beyond the classroom

In addition, voluntary work, study tours to Mainland China, participation in open competitions, Cantonese Opera Workshop, and visits to Ping Shan Heritage Trail, Mei Ho House as well as Tai Kwun have been arranged for students to acquire the nine priority values and attitudes and apply them in authentic situations. Through these learning activities, students are anticipated to build up their identity in the domains of family, society, nation, and the world. Ultimately, they can make contributions in the respective domains.