There was great enjoyment and learning going on for the students on STEM Day in June. The STEM activities stimulate students’ learning interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. To cater for learner diversity, activities of various levels of difficulties were conducted. P1 students created a Table Football set using chopsticks, cardboard and clothes pegs, discovering the history and rotational mechanics of the sport. P2 students investigated springs, angles and the source of basketball. P3 students designed and made wind propelled toy cars using balloons, straws and cardboard. The products were eco-friendly. For senior students, P4 students learnt about the history of vaccines and prevention of diseases. They designed and made Folder Face Shields using plastic folders, which are waterproof and high in density, to block infectious droplets from reaching the eyes, nose and mouth. P5 students applied the principle of electricity and closed circuits to create a Firefly Automation. P6 students learnt about the structure and history of Kalimbas of Africa. They used hairpins to make the metal keys of the instrument, creating the unique sound of the Kalimbas.

Table Football sets made of chopsticks and clothes pegs

Mini Basketball launchers primed and ready

Pumping up the balloons for racing the cars

Measuring the heads for the Folder Visor

The fireflies shine with LED lights

Making keys from hairpins