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1 Commencement of School Term
2 Provision of Lunch Subsidy for Needy Primary Students
3 Purchase of Winter School Uniform
4 Admission to Primary One (2022-2023)
5 Survey on receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) or full grant under the Student Financial Assistance Schemes (SFAS)
6 Dress Casual Day 2021
7 Arrangement of 2021/22 Seasonal Vaccination School Outreach from Department of Health (Free of Charge)
8 Student Grant (2021/22 School Year)

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1 73rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
2 Parental Consent Form for Submission of Information of Students with Special Educational Needs
3 2021 – 2022 School-based Speech Therapy Service
4A Intervention Programme – ‘Do My Best’ – Chinese Language
4B Intervention Programme – ‘Do My Best’ – Mathematics
5 Remedial Teaching Programme
6 Early Identification and Intervention Programme for Primary One Students with Learning Difficulties
7 73rd HK School Speech Festival (Chinese Speech)
8A English Enrichment Programme
8B Mathematics Enrichment Programme
9 Remedial Teaching Programme
10 Disaster Preparedness Ludo
11 Rearrangement of Immunization Matter
12 Chinese Names designated for all students
13 Nomination to The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
14A Understanding Adolescent Project for P.4 (2021-2022)
14B Understanding the Adolescent Project for P.5 & P.6 (2021-2022)
15 Confirmation of Recruitment – Cub Scouts Order Uniform
16 Order Learning Materials for Elite Classes to Cater for Learner Diversity
17 Group Programme – ‘Lego Therapy’ (P.4-6)
18A Newspaper Subscription (P.1 – P.3)
18B Newspaper & Magazine Subscription (P.4 – P.6)
19 Appointment of School Prefects in 2021-2022
20 Provision of Free Lunch during Half Day School for Eligible Students (2021/22 School Year)
21A 74th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival – Solo Singing
21B 74th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival – Duet Female Voice
22 Disaster Preparedness Ludo Competition (Semi-final)
23 Understanding Adolescent Project (UAP) Opening Ceremony (2021-2022)
24A Collection of SBM fee and Arrangement of 1st Examination for P.2-6
24B Collection of SBM fee, Formative Assessment and P.1 Lessons Arrangement
25 Final Arrangement of Free Lunch during Half Day School for Eligible Students
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1 School Management Committee(SMC) Election of Parent Managers
2 Annual General Meeting
3 School Management Committee                                                          Election of Parent Managers (2021-2023) Issue of Ballot Paper
4 Parent Workshops