The Li Cheng Uk Government Primary School celebrated its 65th anniversary with a grand Gala Performance on May 24, 2024 at the Tung Po Kitty Woo Stadium. This highly anticipated event showcased the boundless talent and unwavering dedication of the school’s performing arts students, as well as the exceptional guidance provided by their teachers and coaches.

The Gala Performance was a diverse artistic showcase, featuring a range of disciplines cultivated through the school’s extracurricular activity program. From the captivating melodies of the school junior choir to the energetic performance of the parents’ dance, each performance served as a celebration of the school’s thriving arts community, fostering a sense of companionship among the talented student and parent performers.

As the student MCs announced the start of the show, the audience was treated to a dazzling display of raw talent, polished technique, and infectious enthusiasm. This was perhaps best exemplified by the way the performers and audience came together to sing “A Million Dreams,” the theme song of the celebration, led by the accomplished Mr. Billones and Ms. Nilda. As the final notes faded and the joyful applause echoed through the stadium, the students reveled in the well-deserved recognition of their achievements.

The success of the 65th anniversary celebration has undoubtedly fueled excitement and anticipation for the next student and parent performance. Until then, the school community cherishes the happy memories and the remarkable accomplishments of this milestone event.