Innovation-led Curriculum

To equip our students to cope with challenges in the 21st century, meaningful learning activities are design to deepen their understanding in different subjects, develop their critical thinking and innovation, and apply the knowledge they have gained across different disciplines. Our lessons are facilitated with Google Classroom which makes learning more productive, collaborative, and meaningful. Students of all levels have access to a wide range of technology devices, including desktop computers, iPads, Apple Pencils, VR learning kits, drones, 3D scanner and printer, micro:bit, Lego robots and Marty robots, etc. Our students also undertake coding and basic Al courses during IT lessons to learn about computational thinking, using mathematics and logic to solve problems. Classrooms at LCU are fun, pleasant and vibrant places of learning where creativity is encouraged.

Apart from core subjects, our school offers after-school language elective classes for students to extend their language abilities.

Core Subjects After-school Language Elective Classes
-Chinese -Music
-English -Visual Arts
-Mathematics -Physical Education
-General Studies -Information Technology

 -Urdu Interest Class

– Nepali Interest

-Hindi Interest Class

– Filipino Interest Class

– Putonghua Interest Class