'Gift Book Pilot Scheme (2020)' and Free Use of 'eRead Scheme'

Today a reader. Tomorrow a leader.

The Education Bureau (EDB) has been promoting “Reading to Learn” through various measures to support schools’ implementation of diversified reading activities to complement the curriculum, thereby developing students’ reading interest and habits from a young age to enhance their reading skills and learning capabilities.

(1) “Gift Book Pilot Scheme (2020)”

As the summer vacation is approaching, the EDB launches the “Gift Book Pilot Scheme (2020)” to offer free printed books to all primary students with an aim to encourage leisure reading anytime and anywhere during the summer holiday, and nurture students’ good reading habits.

Book Selection

Books are selected on class-basis under four themes, namely Chinese History and Culture, Healthy Living, Moral Education and STEM Education as follows:

Level Theme Reader

-Chinese History and Culture

-Healthy Living

-歡樂年年1: 貼揮春

-歡樂年年2: 團年飯

-歡樂年年3: 燒爆竹

-歡樂年年4: 拜年

-哇!是中國老遊戲!系列1 抽陀螺

-哇!是中國老遊戲!系列3 打元寶

P.2 -Chinese History and Culture










-Chinese History and Culture

-Moral Education




-從小讀經典1 三國演義

-從小讀經典2 水滸傳

-從小讀經典3 西遊記

-從小讀經典4 封神演義


-Chinese History and Culture

-STEM Education

-博物館裏的中國2: 探索科學的腳步

-博物館裏的中國3: 薈萃文化的精華

-博物館裏的中國4: 領會發明的奧妙

-博物館裏的中國5: 感悟藝術的魅力



-Chinese History and Culture

-STEM Education


-STEM – UP趣味科學大搜查-引人入勝的物理

-STEM – UP趣味科學大搜查-史無前例的發明

-STEM – UP趣味科學大搜查-奇妙的生活科學



P.6 -Chinese History and Culture -畫說經典:孩子必讀的成語故事(下冊)

Collect your books

Each P1 or P.6 student will receive one book.  For P.2-5, each student will receive two books.  All books will be distributed to students before term ends.  Absentees can collect their book(s) at the General Office during the summer vacation.  As follow up activities will be arranged in the coming academic year, students are reminded to keep their book(s) for the next years’ reading activities.

(2) Free Use of 'eRead Scheme'

Our school has also joined “eRead Scheme” organized by Hong Kong Education City.  The scheme provides a wide range of quality Chinese and English e-books in various categories and levels.  In addition to the school subscription of 150 ebooks, HKEdcity provides our students with an extra collection of 100 free ebooks from 16 July to 31 December 2020 with unlimited access.   The reading platform records reading data of each student for teachers to better understand students’ reading habits.  We will devise appropriate strategies for promoting reading in the coming term.


LCU Reading Package

Level Chinese Book English Book
P.1 15 25
P.2 15 25
P.3 15 25
P.4 15 25
P.5 20 25
P.6 20 25
Total 100 150

Students can download the EdBookShelf mobile app, or go to the “eRead Scheme” website (https://www.hkedcity.net/ereadscheme) via a web browser, and log in with their HKEdCity accounts to start reading.

Let your imagination explore, get READING.